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In 2013 when I decided to focus on what was happening in the independent publishing space, there was plenty to get excited about. By then, the Amazon Kindle had been in existence for 5 years and there was a growing shift into the ebook market, especially by the traditional houses. 


The Amazon dream machine, as I like to refer to it, made it possible for first-time writers to get their books to market quickly and to earn higher royalties than ever before. For some, it was the path to becoming a successful and profitable independently published author. But for many more, unfortunately, the path was strewn with dashed dreams. 

The endless digital shelf became cluttered with books no one would every buy, let alone read. Turns out successful self-publishing is possible for some but not all writers. 

As I continued to immerse myself in the industry it became clear that I had finally found my calling. While I always dreamed of being a published author, the new publishing landscape made it possible for me to expand upon that dream. With a degree in business and a passion for books, I was confident I had what it took to become a creative entrepreneur and the ally and resource first-time writers needed to get beautifully produced books to market. 

What came next was something I never could have anticipated, but is the reason you are visiting this website today.  

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