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Bleed Through
2nd Book Alex Greco ADA Series

by Roger Canaff

Gripping, fast-paced and unflinchingly reflective of the #Metoo era, Bleed Through grabs from the very first page, pitting a powerful, predatory man against a young female entrepreneur, Kim Hadley, with a tragic past but also a defiant sense of justice. Inspired by actual events in the life of a former special victims prosecutor, this second in the series continues the path of ADA Alex Greco. Still battling his own tragic past and tending its dark secrets, Alex and Kim test their mettle against an aggressive defense team which will stop at nothing to stop them- even if it means the personal destruction of them both.

Copperhead Road
2nd Edition

by Roger Canaff

As summer dies, the first boy is found in a shallow grave. More will follow. His hometown has a serial child killer in its midst….At seventeen, John Ray has silently survived years of molestation at the hands of a respected coach and mentor. When younger boys start disappearing, found sexually abused and murdered in the same woods where he was once victimized, John must confront not only his own past but an interwoven set of characters, some evil, some desperate and some both, who share his memories in one way or another.

Gods, Dreams & Love

by Gerald G. Griffin

After a stint in a mental institution, Bob Daniels, suffering from the recent death of his finacée, Gloria Hopkins, wants nothing but to be left alone in his lakeside retreat, but when he receives an unexpected visit by Frank Worsly, leader of the secret and wealthy society, the Fraternity of which Bob is still a member, all hopes for that are gone.

Among The Dead
Book 1, ADA Alex Greco Series

by Roger Canaff

For a helpless, autistic child, it was inevitable. For the prime suspect, a choice. For ADA Alex Greco, a calling.When a beautiful and profoundly autistic boy named Hector is found hideously throat-cut in a Bronx row house, it's his father, a callous and deceitful widower with gang ties, who emerges as the prime suspect.

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