Outsmart Your Brain
The Insider's Guide to Life-Long Memory

by Ginger Schechter, MD, Denise M. Kalos, MS &
Allison McKeany, MS, RD

Memory loss is not something that just happens as we age; memory is impacted by years of lifestyle habits, good and bad. AffirmativHealth is a personalized and precision medicine practice for those living with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, and part of their practice has redefined the lifestyle treatment approach that can benefit anyone interested in retaining their memories as they age. ’Outsmart Your Brain, The Insider’s Guide to Life-Long Memory’ explains how diet & nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep, socializing, brain stimulation and behavioral changes & habits can have a positive impact on memory.

UBUNTU, I Am Because We Are
by John Koelsch

Setting forth a peaceful approach to working together as a nation to address the issues of corruption in our government, and to get the United States back on the path to governing by the consent of the governed. Americans, especially those leading our country need to remain committed to all that we hold sacred, namely, our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Smart Consulting Sourcing 
The Insider's Guide to Life-Long Memory
A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting The Best ROI from Your Consulting

by Hélène Laffitte & Laurent Thomas

Start Buying like a Pro and Maximize the Value of your Consulting Procurement Today! How does sourcing smarter, saving millions, and creating extra value, sound? Surprisingly only 7% of executives feel well-prepared to manage their consulting projects. Don't be among the 93% of procurement executives who miss advantages of the disruption underway, by being unaware of the best practices. Whether you plan to buy a single project, or already utilize consulting regularly, these strategies will absolutely transform your approach. Designed for executives and consulting buyers, by experts in buying and using consulting services.

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