• Marina Aris

Getting Self-Published Books Into Bookstores: How DartFrog Books is Bridging The Gap

By now most self-published authors know that they can digitally distribute their work directly via retailer platforms, such as Amazon, or aggregators like Draft2Digital and Publish Drive. They may also be aware of and be willing to make a significant financial investment in marketing distribution channels like the popular BookBub.

What they don’t know is how to get their books into bookstores. Which has led to many independent booksellers scrambling to figure out how to handle the ever-increasing number of unsolicited requests for distribution. In many cases, the books are poorly produced and do not meet distribution standards. Some stores do have consignment programs, which add quite a bit of administrative work to their already busy schedules. Most stores, however, do not.

On the self-pub side of things, not all authors have come up to speed on how to professionally produce quality digital and printed versions of their work.

Enter DartFrog Books, the company that is bridging the gap and providing a viable solution to both self-published authors and independent booksellers.

DartFrog has built and continues to expand its bookstore distribution network. These booksellers trust that DartFrog will evaluate and select only the best in self-publishing for distribution. DartFrog Books: are professionally edited, have eye-catching book covers and an enticing storyline or concept that readers will love.Books selected by DartFrog receive guaranteed, branded, bookstore shelf space plus additional marketing support.

Booksellers who join DartFrog’s distribution network gain financial benefits, in addition to, the opportunity to offer their local reading communities the very best in self-published literature. And they can do so without administrative hassles because they simply direct self-published authors seeking distribution directly to DartFrog. It’s a win-win!

On April 15, 2018, to further expand on its mission to support both communities, DartFrog will be launching Direct To Shelf, a program that financially rewards booksellers for taking a chance on excellent self-published books. It also rewards authors by making it possible for their books to benefit from country-wide distribution, meaning they can potentially attract readers in new and distant communities. And since booksellers will reorder directly from Ingram, authors will see an increase in their print copy sales and royalties. And booksellers will appreciate the ease with which they can continue to restock bookstore shelves.

Learn more about participating in the Direct To Shelf Program.

If you’re a self-published author seeking bookstore distribution, the first step is to submit your book for a DartFrog evaluation. The cost for submitting your book is affordable, and early adopters will benefit from country-wide distribution for a lower initial investment. As the program increases in size and popularity, authors will be able to select tiered distribution at varying price levels.

So if you’re a self-published author seeking bookstore distribution take the first step and submit your book for an evaluation. If you’re a bookseller looking for an easy solution plus added benefits, join DartFrog’s distribution network, it’s FREE.

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