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The Best In Self-Publishing on Independent Bookstore Shelves, Direct To Shelf Program Launch

Last week, DartFrog Books launched Direct To Shelf, a quarterly program in which booksellers receive compensation for agreeing to carry vetted and exceptional self-published books. The program is expected to result in increased print book sales for indie authors whose books are available through Ingram.

Twenty independent booksellers in DartFrog’s distribution network of over one hundred stores signed on to launch and pilot the program.

For indie authors in DartFrog’s network, Direct To Shelf is the best answer for efficient and profitable bookstore distribution. Not only have the stores agreed to carry up to fifteen titles per quarter, but the books are shelved, forward-facing in a specially branded section. This presentation is vital, as it gives these books a spotlight for the full three-month promotion.

DartFrog intends to quickly expand the Direct To Shelf program to all of its stores including new ones that are signing on every month. And already, DartFrog is beginning early negotiations for taking the program overseas to Europe and India. In time, the goal is for authors to be able to choose where their books will be distributed by store or by location (domestic, global or both).

DartFrog Books Display at Page and Palette Bookstore in Fair Hope, AL

With Direct To Shelf, indie authors get the bookstore distribution they’re after, but on a larger scale that will reach much farther than their local bookshop. Independent bookstores receive financial compensation for their participation, but they also get the opportunity to offer their local reading communities, well written, and well produced, self-published literature.

As these titles prove themselves, bookstores can easily continue to restock their shelves by ordering through Ingram, the same way they order books produced by traditional publishers.

DartFrog is now accepting additional store sign-ups for the next Direct To Shelf shipment scheduled for July 15, 2018. After that date, the program is expected to continue with participating stores displaying a new set of fifteen titles every quarter.

DartFrog Books at The Conundrum Books in St. Francisville, LA

The 20 stores who have agreed to pilot the program include:

Burry Bookstore (SC)

Fountain Bookstore (VA)

Gottwals Books (4 locations in GA)

King City Books (IL)

The Conundrum Books (LA)

Page and Palette (AL)

River Run Bookstore (NH)

Tubby & Coos Mid-City Bookshop (LA)

Walls of Books (KS)

Walls of Books (5 locations in GA)

Walls of Books (3 locations in Ohio)

If you are a self-published author or an independent bookseller learn more about Direct To Shelf.

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