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Interested in Publishing with Us?

The Brooklyn Writers Press is An Award Winning Hybrid Publisher
We welcome submissions from emerging writers in every genre.

Read our submission guidelines below to get started.

Professionally Produced

Independently Published

For some writers only a traditional publishing deal will do.
For others, self-publishing seems like a promising alternative.


The Brooklyn Writers Press Offers Another Alternative,
Hybrid Publishing

Our authors retain their intellectual property rights, release books that meet professional standards and earn higher royalties

Pursuing the traditional path means playing the waiting game and
hoping you get picked. Choosing the self-publishing path means
a short-time to market but too often a final product
that does not meet reader expectations.

Hybrid Publishing Leads To A Win-Win-Win for Writers,
Readers and Independent publishing

2020 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award

Brooklyn Writers Press Title Bleed Through by Roger Canaff
Winner for the Fiction: Mystery & Thriller Category

What We Publish

Contemporary fiction, coming of age, historical fiction, fantasy, legal thrillers, magical realism, mystery, romance, science fiction, suspense

Autobiography, memoir, biography, business books, cookbooks, health & wellness,
parenting, self-help

Art, essays, poetry, photography, short stories

Children's Books
Early Readers, Middle-grade, Young Adult

Our Hybrid Publishing Model

Writers today can choose between traditional, hybrid, vanity and self-publishing.
We offer the professional results of traditional publishing and the
creative and financial perks that come with self-publishing.

The Brooklyn Writers Press adheres to the Independent Book
Publishers Association's Code of Ethics & Professional Hybrid Publishing Standards

We offer an Author/Publisher partnership model based
on the Agile Project Management Methodology.


This means we focus on delivering the best support to authors
so we can deliver the highest quality books to readers.


There is more to meeting professional publishing standards
than producing excellent copy. Getting everything just right is
an iterative process that requires collaboration, constant
communication and patience.


Our authors receive one-on-one
support and professional guidance every step of the way.

Our Professional Affiliations

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you curate your titles?

Yes, we curate our titles. All submissions are reviewed by our in-house editor to help determine if a manuscript is ready for publication.

How does the Brooklyn Writers Press handle ISBNs?

All of our titles are assigned Brooklyn Writers Press ISBNs. Booksellers, libraries and other retailers rely on ISBNs for ordering, listing, selling and inventory control purposes. All books that meet professional industry standards must have an ISBN.

Do you publish to industry standards?

We work with a team of vetted industry professionals.

How do you manage production quality?

Meeting excellence in production requires time and patience. Production, like the editing phase of producing a manuscript is an iterative process. We use the Agile Project Management Methodology to manage and quality check every deliverable. Often we may need more than one pass to get things just right. However, our authors receive consistent feedback and reporting on progress and know in advance about anticipated delays.

Do authors keep their intellectual property rights?

Yes, our authors retain their intellectual property rights. We do however assist with attaining and identifying a range of opportunities, including audiobook production and translations.

Do you distribute the books you publish?

All of our titles have access to global print and digital distribution. For titles that qualify, we offer national U.S. independent bookstore placement and distribution via our distribution partner. In addition, we work closely with authors to identify both the online and offline opportunities available to get their books into reader's hands. Every book is different and every author's personality and preferences are something we take into consideration when it comes to marketing and distribution.

Do you assist with book sales?

We assist authors with marketing and developing a strong author platform to increase the odds of strong sales. Books sales and marketing requires a joint effort, as authors today must be actively involved in marketing and selling their work. We help our authors identify free and affordable ways to continually market their author brand and their work.

What royalty splits do you offer?

Hybrid Publishing standards require that authors earn at the minimum 50% royalties. Brooklyn Writers Press authors retain:
90% of their net royalties for print books and
80% of their royalties for digital books

What is Hybrid Publishing?

Hybrid Publishing is a publishing alternative that offers writers the best of traditional publishing and self-publishing. What we do that traditional publishers do: - we curate our catalog and vet our manuscripts - we work with vetted industry professionals (editing, cover design & formatting) - we manage the production process and ensure it meets professional standards - we ensure global print & digital distribution and for titles that qualify, national bookstore
placement. What self-publishing benefits do we offer? - writers retain their intellectual property rights - writers earn a higher royalty than they would with a traditional publisher - writers participate in the creative decision making process What we offer that is unique to the Brooklyn Writers Press: An Author/Publisher Partnership Model. We care about the book as much as our authors do. We can only succeed if our authors succeed. While we can't promise that a book will be successful, we do everything in our power to help the author get the book into reader's hands. There is no magic formula but we find that patience and a willingness to experiment with the distribution and marketing can go a long way. Hybrid Publishing is the best option for writers:
- who feel they can benefit from one-on-one support and guidance. The Brooklyn Writers Press offers an Author/Publisher Partnership Model that takes advantage of the Agile Project Management Methodology. With Agile, authors receive constant feedback and reporting, and are engaged in the creative decision-making. - who wish to retain their intellectual property rights - who are willing to make a smart investment in the production of their work. The Brooklyn Writers Press works with vetted industry professionals and we ensure quality production. - who have already self-publilshed but are unable to sell their books due to poor production quality
- who want to write, and have little or limited interest in the production side of the business - who would like to have their books professionally produced and to market quickly

Our Submission Guidelines

Please format your manuscript before submitting.

  • Times New Roman, Times or Georgia

  • 12 Point Font Size

  • Double-spaced

  • Label your file with a title or working title

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